Crowd Control

Impact Audio Video Productions crowd control barricades provide facility security and spectator safety. Crowd control barricades move easily into place and can be set up very quickly. The base floor is tapered to minimize trip hazard and the top of the barricade is rounded to minimize possible injury. Our premium mojo concert crowd control barricades are made in both aluminum and steel configurations with a perforated mesh screen to allow visibility and sound blow-through. All units feature a built-in step on the back-end to allow security and other personnel maximum reach, view, and leverage. Mojo crowd control barricades quickly lock together with a simple allen wrench. We know the importance of crowd control at any event for the safety of both the public and faculty.

IAV Productions Crowd Control Barricades offer:

• Utmost in safety for patrons and security

• Tapered floors reduce tripping hazards

• Solid aluminum and steel construction

• Ability to combine multiple units fast and easy

• Our mojo barricades allow lights, smoke and sound to pass through

• Optional corner pieces easily let us create inside and outside angles

Mojo barricade crowd control rentals and bike rack barricade rental:

We serve most of the Unites States, and can be mobilized with all your crowd control, staging, and AV production needs. Call 480-650-3299 for more information.